I see a progress!


All of my clothes in neat little piles

All the darn meds I'll need!

Im only half finished, but my suitcase is almost full? NOT GOOD! It sucks that Im only allowed to bring 20 kilos even though Ill be gone for so long :( But i was prepared for this, so I'll just have to take out some clothes plus pack my handluggage full!

It's time...

... to get more serious!

Have postponed this for several days now and been with my friends instead. On one hadn I want to begin packing, but on hte other I really don't..  My unvle called yesterday to check that everything was ready for the trip, and he explained how to walk when I arrive in Jakartas airport. I got butterflies in my stumach when he explained, i mean, this is really oing tp happen! In just 5 days!

And this morninr when I was halfawake, half sleeping, my mother turned on the drycleaner, and it sounded just like an airplaneengine! That made me really nervous, and I lay there thinking about how Im gonna do this all on my own! First a change of planes at the nightmare-airport if Frankfurt (What if i cant find my gate!?) and then a 14,5 hour long journey to Jakarta. ON MY OWN!

On thursday my train leaves at 1, so my family and Matilda will come and say goodbye. If you have time over, feel free to come aswell! Gosh, im soooo gonna cry :(

Ah well, now i have to deal with my 5 page long packing-list! Wish me luck :)

Party yesterday

Some pics from yesterday! We were having a farewell party for Emma and Sara who are going to Australia for 4 months! It was a shame that it didnt turn up so many people, but it was nice anyways! Some misfortunes happened though..:

1 - My belt broke. But we all had fun with it and tore it down to little pieces (Shitty quality, you could tear it apart to easy)
2 - Anton poured a beer over me! He didnt think there was anything left in the can, but it was... My hair got a creepy quality when it dried... :(
3 - I got really tired and got a headache :/

We were gonna dress out in an Australia-theme. I had absolutely no fantasy, so i just put on what you see below! Sigh, my poor belt :(

Since i had such a headache, my dad picked me up at 12 already! So it wasn't a late night for me.

Btw, I got a WONDERFUL offer last night. Seriously, everything is going so well for me this year! 2008 = love!


This is from yesterday :)

at 18.00  we went to my Grandma who was holding a farewell-dinner for me! At first we took some champagne and toasted for a good trip. Then we ate a elicious chicken-casterole and then a wonderful dessert called Pavlova. Its homemade-marengue filled with fruits and cream in the center! Then after the dinner I sang "My Immortal" because my grandmother never saw the consert!

Then at 22.30 I drove home the family, quickly changed to baggyjeans and a scarf (its getting colder at noghts now) and then i drove back to town and went to the pub called Jekkyl&Hyde to listen to a bunch of bands playing! Gez its boring when you have to drive, you can't take a single sip.. Around 1 we drove to Anton. hahaha, it was so hard to get everybody into the car, but we finally managed! :)

Then when we hade come home to Anton everybody suddenly realized they wanted pizza, so i had to drive back to town to buy some! I managed to flirt me some free cokes aswell ;D You know, hot and blond = get what you point at. Hahah! Then we ate our pizzas and chilled while watching hilarious youtube.videos! Then i drove Malin and Linus home around 3, and then went to bed! But i couldnt sleep until 5, i was lying there thinking about Indonesia...

Hahaha,  Check out my suberb parking-skillz! Straight, and inside the lines...



Hello everyboy! 

I'm really sorry for not updating for so long, but i came home around 3.30 yesterday, so i didnt have the energy to  write a post!

I had the world craziest dream tonight. We are having a festival here in town, so i dreamt that we were gonna have a gender-competition and compete against eachother in crazy tournaments. And everything was like a boot-camp, and if you didn't participate they'd kill you! And then I dreamt that the whole town hade a kissing-fest! it was wierd...

The hpotos from yesterday will have to come later today, I have some things i need to do! And later tonight im going to a farewellparty for Emma, shes going to Australia for 4 months!



Hey you!

Im sorry for the bad updating today, but ive been really busy! Didnt wake up until 2, then i ate some breakfeast and then i had to clean the whole house!

Its already 4.30 soon, so i have to throw myself into the shower and get ready because my grandma is having a farewell-dinner for me, and then later me and some friends will go to the pub J6H and listen to a bunch of bands playing!

So, im sorry fir the lousy updating, but you will se a bunch of photos later tonight!


Me singing - I Will Always Love You

Finally, antoher video of me singing!
Anton filmed without me knowing :)

Thinks to think about:

1 - It was 2.30 in the morning
2 - My vocalcords were swollen and my nose was clodded
3 - I had already sung för 2 hours so was tired
4 - The quality on Youtube suck

5 - Even though the 4 things above it still sounds great, right!?

Hannah Gullander - I Will Always Love You

If you like what you hear, please put this video on your blog aswell and help spread my name! The code is:

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/pHonpM618WI&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/pHonpM618WI&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

Wii and karaoke-singing!

What a wonderful night I've had!

It has really been awesome, thank you all! Matilda came home to me around 9, and then i packed down my laptop, the chocolatecake, my microphone and my camera and we drove to Dennie!

At first we waited a while for AddeJ to come with thw Wii, så we ate my chocolate cake, which everybody loved! ( But why expect any less, I mean, i made it? hahah!) We also listened to music and made nice blloon-shapes!

Then Adde finally came, and we began playing! It was awesome! First we shot arrows, and then we swam! Something i noticed today is that when i concentrate really hard i always stick my tung out a little! hahah, dont know why, but i hope its cute!

Then at 11 i had to drive Matilda home! She has school tomorrow, unlike us graduates ;) Then when I came back, we decided to start with the karaoke! Tried to connect my laptop to Dennies tv, but it didnt work :/ So we had to sit by Dennies computor and sing! We used the great page kalled Karaokeparty.com. Its really good, and a perfect thing for example a party! Imagine how much fun you will have when everybody is a little tipsy!

FIrst it was only me, Anton och Emil who sang and competed against eachother with the scores. Then we managed to get Gustav to sing some songs aswell! But then we lost emil who began playing the Wii again, and eventually Anton played Wii to! So basically I stood there myself and sang for 2 hours! But i didnnät mind, I had the time of my life :) Everybody went home around 02.00, exept for me and Anton who stayed a bitlonger because I wanted to sing some more! They both conplemented me a lot, and said I sang really well :) The insane thing was, that i wasnät even embarresed to sing all by myself infrnt of them! I liked the attention!

Or, actually, the most insane thing was that i sang with a really bad cold! My throat was really soar, but I still managed to get all the tunes out! But ill probably have pain tomorrow... Ive had a big boost in my singing-confoence now! I also got the nights highest score! Almost 8000 points with Celine Dions "My heart will go on"

You want to know the best part? Anton recorded me when I sang Whitney Houstons "I will always love you", and it sounden well enough for me to dare and post it here on my blog!! :)

Ronnebys new hangout?

Hello darlings!

I have had an awesome aftenoon! At 4.30 i drove and picked up Anton and met the others in town. First we went to the shop Breeze where i found out that im getting clothes for the testpanel next week Ill tell you more about that next week!

Then we went to the café called Second floor (where I had my farewell dinner). If you're ever in Ronneby, go there to have some coffee! Its really classy and cosy with the view over the square. We sat there for atleast 2 hours and just chilled!

I have just baked a chocolatecake, and Matilda is soon coming over! Then we'll drive home to Dennie where we'll be a whole gang playing Wii, eating my cake and singing karaoke! Will tell you more when i've come home!


Todays Outfit

We never went to Karlskrona! We didnt have enough cars.. But no harm done, we'll just go down to the town here in Ronneby instead :) TRhe main thing is the people you are with, not where you are, right?

Today its exactly 1 week until I leave, and it feel wierd. Im beggining to feel how hard it will be to leave everybody behind! Expecially when they are as sad as I am! I love yu guys, just so you know <3

Todays outfit!:

Hoodie "Student 2008"  (means : Graduation 2008)- AJ Eriksen
Baggyjeans - Pepe Jeans

Lets hope for the best

Now lets hope for the best! :)

Have you seen the commercial on tv? About people talking about how they are working in "exposed environments", and then they drink 1 actimel every morning which contains biljons of a healthy bacteria, that will strenghen the immunesystem.

Dunno if it will work, but it tasted good :) I chose Rasperry!

Make it stop! Please?

Hello everybody! :) 

I have sung the whole morning, or well, tried at least... Its not easy when you have a cold! You have no control over your voice, so sometimes the notes fly away in the wriond direction... Dont know if i managed to get a good recording, nees a second opinion befora i post in here! :)

Soon my dad will come home with some Actimel! Apparently they strenghem your immunesystem, so hopefully Iäll get better quicker! And I don't know about Karlskrona. The guys had said 12, but if I know them right, they're probably all sleeping, haha!

I hate having a cold! .. Make it stop, please? :)

Morning Outfit!

Godmorgon alla!

Geez its early! Too early to get up... But, nice as I am i woke up to fix my brothers hair for his schoolphoto today! But i was reaaally rumpy, haha, could get a tantrum for absolutely nothing! Im quite a bitch when im tired... (a)

Now im sitting infront of the tv in a big sweater and eating a large breakfeast! yummy! Before i could hardly eat anything in the morning, i fest sick just looking at food. But now Ive started to eat big ones! I always it porridge, and then it can vary weather I eat bread or not :) Its good to eat much in the mornings, because then you wtay full the whole day, and you dont get cravings for sugar in the afternoon!

"Morning outfit", hahah :) 
A big cosy sweater from DKNY

My beautiful bracelet I got from Dennie, Anton and Emil!



Tea = Works for everything?

Hey gorgeous!

Hope the tea can help me with my cold now! Have no ieda if it helps, but I always use tea as soons as something's wrong with me! Like tha time i had a really soar throat and drank tea, and you all commented that that was the worst think to drink. hahaha! But, what the hell, I love tea so im sure itäll work ;)

Haha, cute pic huh? :)

Geez, Mom and dad are gonna wake me up at 7 tomorrow. My little brother is taking a schoolpicture, so I have to fix his hair! But maybe its for the best, cause then Im already up and can follow the guys to Karlskrona! Then in the evening, weäve decided to eat chocolate cake and sing karaoke with singstar! If you wanna join, let me know ;)

Now I'm gonna start on an illustration! Was a while ago :)


Sitting here at work and smiling! Iäve finally stopped working, with all of my jobs! Now Iäve got time to spend with my friends and family and for packing before I'm moving next week!

The job was chill, expept that I wasn't motivated, and its your motivation that decides how fun the job gets so... If I hadnät been so tired I think the time would have gone faster! But who cares, now it's over! Im going home noe to make me some tea, i think im cathing a cold :( I suspect a certain MAtilda has infected me! Have to get better befpre i move, i do NOT want to fly in this condition!

Gonna drive home now in the rain! will blog some more later..


Don't miss!!

Good morning!!

Even though i went to bed so late yesterday i actuallt managed to get up"early" (read: 13.00) today. I was pretty tired, so i just lay in my bed and watched "Days of our lives". When that was over, I made som reakfeast and got stuck infornt of the tv again...

But, I much energy would you hav had if the weather was shitty and you had gone to sleep at 5 in the morning? :)

Im just gona chill today, and then tonight Iäm gonna work for the LAST TIME! Im just hopg it will be a calm night, I dont have the energy to cope with a mega-stressful-evenging like the one last week, i thought I'd never make it home!

HAHA, im lying here thinking about my bad humour I had yesterday when we were watching a movie. It was in the beginning at a war, and one of the captains said "Unleash hell" and at the same time you see someone release a dog. Hahahaha, I laughed so hard, it was just as if the dog was "hell". Then the other 2 laughed as hell because my humour is so bad...

Don's miss to ceck out my blog in a while. A very funny post will come up then!


My farewell-dinner

I have the worlds most wonderful friends! THANKS THANKS THANKS for this evening :) Couldnät have asked for a better "farewell"!

17.00 - Matilda, Dennie, Anton och Malin comes home to me to drink some champagne and hang out! It was really nice, i Opened the champagne and then we began drinking! Charlie was supposed to have come aswell, så we had alot of champagne over, which made some of us a little tipsy ;)

Im opening...

...And then pouring!

18.00 - Dad drives us down to the town where we take out some money and then meet up with the rest outside the mall. We forutnatly met Khalid and Hiten who thought it was 7 o'clock (Someone told them the wrong time), so they had to go home and change to more "fancy" clothes! We decided that we ould go up to the restaurant in the meantime and just have some beverages.

Pics from the whole evening:

Matilda ordered a Gin&Tonic and Emma a Cider

Anton & Dennie!

Emil & Anton

After waiting for Khalid and Hiten for 45 minutes, we thought it was time to order! Couldnät decide first what to get but i finally ordered fine meat with bearnaisesauce, lobsterclaw and pommes frites.

The food came in, and it was wonderful! Wouldn't have minded a second portion...

The others also ordered in nive food! Kebabs, lamb and hamburgers!

Then came a big suprise, presents!
Didn't expect that at all, so got really moved when it turned out that Khalid, Hiten, Dennie, Anton and emil had bought me some!

First I got from Khalid & Hiten! It was a card where they had written: "Good luck in Portugal and Indoenesia. Here something for the dudes abroad! // Khalid and Hiten"

Then I opened the first package, which contained a sexy little mug ;)

Then I opened package number 2... ( Hahaha, can't believe you actually bought this!!) It contained 2 laice-thongs! Hahaha, we really laughed :)

Then I got a package from Dennie, Anton and emil. A really loveley silver-bracelet which I'll wear every day!

Then it was time for dessert! I ordered a hommade chocolatemousse on both white and dark chocolate! It was really good, but its a shame ou get such small portions...

21.30- Now it was enough! We payed the check (I payed 280 crowns, approximatly 28 euros! It was expensive but definatly worth it! I mean, how often do I have a farewell dinner?) Matilda, emma, Charlie and Malin went home whereas me and the dudes went to J&H to party on! We decided to have a real party at Antons house later, but we began at J&H!

Emil bought me an AWESOME drink! I asked the bartender to mix something himself, and I could see that some of the things he used was Bacardi Melon, Bols Strawberry and limeflavour. It was delicious, and extra festive with the glowing sticks in it! 

It was really fun! The dudes drank a few bears and got quite tipsy and their imagination started to run away... I cried from laughing when Emil and Dennie told us how they blew up Hjorthöjden from an airballooon. Haha, only those 2 can come up with something like that! And when Khalid told us how he and Hiten had been ashamed when they bought me the thongs... hahaha, cuties!

23.00 - The pub closed, so we went to get some booze. But unfortionatly we couldnt for varous reasons, so we went disappointed back home to Anton. Khalid and Hiten decided to go home, but me, Anton, Dennie and Emil went down to Natons room. He quickly passed out in the bed while we 3 watched Gladiator. It was hilarious, I was so tired so i laughed at everything and teased Dennie with all sorts of things. Hahaha, we alla laughed pretty hard at times! the movie was over att 2.00, so then I walked home :)

Once again, thank you for everything! I'm really moved when I look at my gifts. Imagine that the GUYS bought me soething. Oh, im so happy :) I really didnät expect anything! KISSES, you are wonderful! <3


Time for my farewell-dinner! Soon a couple of friends will come over and we'll drink champagne, and then go to the restaurant at 6! This is how I look tongiht:

Back in the game !!

Hello again!

Im really sorry for my blog-pause, but now I have the time to write again!

Today it's only TEN days left until I'm flying to Indonesia :) Me and some friends are going to have a farewell-dinner tonight at a restaurant! Its new in town, and the interior looks really classy, so I hope we will have a good time there :) First some are gonna come home to me and we'll drink some champagne before going to the restaurant!

If you'd like to see what i've been up to the last week you can look at my Swedish blog! Even if you don't understand the words you can always look at the pictures! But, as from today, I will blog just as often as I do on my Swedish blog!

Right now I'm eating an awesome tuna-salad! Seriously, I'm like the master of salads ;) They are always delicious! Ive just taken a showe aswell, so now I have to go and fix my hair. Have to look beautiful tongiht :) kisses!

Looks yummy, right?

Im sry

I'm sorry for my lousy updating! Havn't written anything the past 2 weeks...

But it has been so much with work etc, so I havn't had the time to translate from Swedish to english! I only have 1 more week att work, and after that i will begin blogging seriously!

So, hang on :)

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