Back in the game !!

Hello again!

Im really sorry for my blog-pause, but now I have the time to write again!

Today it's only TEN days left until I'm flying to Indonesia :) Me and some friends are going to have a farewell-dinner tonight at a restaurant! Its new in town, and the interior looks really classy, so I hope we will have a good time there :) First some are gonna come home to me and we'll drink some champagne before going to the restaurant!

If you'd like to see what i've been up to the last week you can look at my Swedish blog! Even if you don't understand the words you can always look at the pictures! But, as from today, I will blog just as often as I do on my Swedish blog!

Right now I'm eating an awesome tuna-salad! Seriously, I'm like the master of salads ;) They are always delicious! Ive just taken a showe aswell, so now I have to go and fix my hair. Have to look beautiful tongiht :) kisses!

Looks yummy, right?


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