Yes, today is the LAST DAY that you can vote for me in the modellingcompetition I'm in! The winners will be announced this week, and I really hope I'm one of them! But I can't do it without your help, so please vote for me!

Neways, I've just taken a shower after delivering papers. It went really well today, and I finished quite early :) Hopefully there's only 2 days left on that job, it depends on wether they can find a replacement or not. But i REALLY hope they can, bevacuse I have alot of drivinglessons schudeled at 8am in the mornings next week, and I'd prefer it if I wasn't deadtired when i drove ;)

I'm gonna go to sleep soon, and later today I have to take pictures for my visa, go to the bank and try and fix a little problem on my computer. If I have time I will be with Matilda aswell! But I don't know, since I'm gonna work later... we'll see!


Tastes like a little piece of heaven

Mmmh, you have no idea how good that tasted! Lots of fried potatoes, garlicbutter and steak! Very unhealthy, but when it comes to good food like this I actuaally don't care! We eat it so rarely so it doesnt matter :)


Food is my sin

Hello everybody!

Just got home from dropping off my brother at a friend, practicedriving and shopping for food! Me and my dad are home alone tonight, sp we thought we'd make it a luxurious evening with some awesome food! We bought entrecôte, garlicbutter and frenchfries! Mmmh, can't wait until we eat! Food can really make me happy ;)

Food is my sin, which one is yours?

Brown = Fresch

Hello all!

Just got home from the beach, and I'm really begginning to get som colour now! Lots of cute freckles on my face :) We played a lot of beach-tennis aswell, but we were'nt exactly good at it, hahaha, we sucked! The whole thing ended with us getting down on our knees in the water and played, and it went a bit better then .. Forgot to take pictures while on the beach, so I took some when i got back home!

Beach next

Good morning everyone!

The sun is shining and it is 25-30 degrees outside and that means that we'll hit the beach! Me and Malin decided a few days ago that if the weather was nice today we would go out, and it is so.. Beach next!

I have to get ready now because she's waiting for my call :) hope you all have a nice day! <3

A day at Öland

Hello everybody!

Just got home from Öland, and I'm really really tired! Didn't sleep anything after my work earlier this morning so I've been awake for 19 hours already :/

But today has been really fun! Vi left at 8, and arrived in Borgholm (Ölands biggest city) at 10.30. We ate some breakfeast and talked for a couple of hours. then we went for a little sightseeing tour around Borgholm, and at the afternoon we went to the beach! Then we had some afternoon tea before we headed back hom at around 18.00, We made a quick stop at McDonalds on our way home since it was so late, and nobody had the energy to cook a meal :) 

Time to go!




A really cosy restaurant near the harbour called Pappa Blå. I recommend it if you're ever nearby!

Minigolf course outside of Pappa Blå

The harbour


We ate icecream, and i chose the flavours Lion and Raspberrysorbé

Time for the beach!

McDonalds-stop on the way home

And now i finish the night with a cup of my newlybought tea! Iäve never bought te like this, I've always bought it in bags, so this is exciting :) I bought two flavours: Rooibustea with strawberry/vanilla and a Green Tea with a flavour I can't remember..

One more favourite pic

Okey, the expression in my face might be a little funny, but I just love the pose!

Favorite pics from the runway

I've tried to select a few favourite pics, and here they come in a bigger size :)

Video from the runway

The runway!

A while ago i participated as a model in a runwayshow for colthes from Breeze! But I havn't been able to post until now since I havn't had my english blog for so long.. Anyways, this will be devided into several posts since there are som many pictures, videos etc!

Here is a translation from my Swedish blog:

The days started out with us gathering at 12 o'clock insie of Breeze. Then we went down to the basement where alot of make-up was prepared for us, and it was time to begin! Everybody ran around fixing hair and make-up for about 1 hour. The other girls were really nice, it was fun to meet some new people! Emelie did an awesome hairstyle on me, so it felt really good! At first I was quite qorried about how i would fix my hair!

The there was an axiouuuuus waiting until we we're gonna go to the Square, and I could feel the butterflies in my stumach duplicate for every second! Then it was time and we went to the Square and started changing into our first outfits. The group I was in were gonna start with showin bathing suits. That made me even more nervous, I mean, showing off in a bikini fir the whole town! But it went really well, and it was SO FUN!

I'm in love with practially every clothes i wore that day! If you want to buy, they have a webshop:
Okej, here comes all the pics!

Waiting to get changed:

First outfit: Bathing suits!
Really love this combination we're wearing, I think they look soo good!

Outfit number 2: Dress

Outfit number 3: Jeans
I love this pics! Donät know why really, but i must be because the jeans had such a perfect fit! I'm thinking of buying them :)

Outfit number 4: Dress

Last moment: All models enter then stage

Ensenmble-performance at school

In school, one of my courses was Ensemble, and at the end of May we had a performance in the auditorium at school! It went really well, and strangly enough, I wasn't so nervous!

In this first song I play the base!

Feeling good - Muse

And here comes song number 2 where me and Malin is singing!
But I can't really say that I think I sound good in this video! We hadn't had much time to practice this song, som in many places I do things that make me think "WTF was I doing!?". Plus my voice pierces through the ears sometimes, hahaha, but shit the same! this is as far from my singing style as you can come, it was more of a fun thing!

Are You Ready - Three Days Grace

Me singing "My Immortal"

I finally dare to post a video of me singing! But you're always selfcritical and there are many thing I would have wanted to sing differently, but I won't tell you what they are, because hopefully you won't notice!

This was my first liveperformance ever! Actually, this is the first time I've sung solo infront of anybody but my singing educationalist, so I was really nervous as to what everyone would think!

I REALLY hope that you think it will sound good! And no need for hatefull comments like " you suck" because I know I don't! Plus, everybody who sat in the audience said that it sounded alot better irl. I mean, I even made people cry!

My Immortal - Hannah Gullander

Please spread my name!
If you liked ut, please post this on your blogs aswell and link back to me if you'd like!

The code for the movie is:
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Öland next!

Okey, I'm really sorry that I havn't updated this blog for 2 days now..

But the thing is that lately I've been in quite a hurry when I've written all of my  Swedish posts, so I haven't thought of updating this blog aswell since I haven't had much time, but I'll get better, promise! Although, today won't be much updating becuase I'm going away on a little trip with my family! We're gonna go to the Island "Öland" to visit some relatives, walk aroung i Borgholm and sunbath :) It will probably be a good day, and I'll show you all the pics later today when I've come home!

I thought I could dedicate this morning to sort of, finishing this blog. I mean, write everythnig that falls under the cetegories of "me singing", "modelling" and "graduation".


Working 12-12


I'm sorry if you think it's boring that I haven't updated at all today, but that's because I've been working for 12 hours! Last night I got home from deliviering papers at 5am, and then I slept until 10am when I got up and got ready for work, made lunch and dinner etc, and then went off to work!

Began at 12 and ended at 00.00. Fy feet are killing me right now, I mean, imagine standing, walking, running for 12 hours, It's not exactly a Spa-treatment for your feet! But i need the money, so I'm not complaining! I'm working 2 shifts tomorrow, one between 8-12 am and one between 6-11pm. And the hours inbetween is gonna be spent with Matilda! Sunbathing and swimming ;) I need to relax!

I hope I'll begin my last week deliviering papers now on Monday. My boss will call me tomorrow and tell me how many weeks there's left! but I really hope this is my last one, my sleep is getting to messed up! I could use like, a week to regain strenght, and then I could begin working with the newspapers again! Ah well, we'll see what he says tomorrow!

Now i need to get some sleep! xoxo

Btw! Please vote for me in a modellingcontest! There's only a few days left to vote!

Tough love

Hello all of my readers!

Worked for 4 hours today, and it went suprisinigly quick actually! Wasn't even suposed to work today, but i managed to flirt me som hours ;) hahaha! Since they had forgotten to give me any worktimes this week (sigh) they said that i could work in the dishes! So next week , *im working 8 hours, two days in a row with all the dishes. I'll manage, I hope..

I'm feeling a bit tired now, So i'd better go to sleep before I have to deliver papers again! last day this week, and then i have ONE night off before everything starts again.. But I'm a though gal, I can handle it ;)

By the way, I really have to take care of all those other cathergoriessuch as modelling, me singing, graduation and so on. Since I have them filled in my Swedish blog, I assumed that they would be here in my english aswell. But now I realised that I have to remake every post! It should come up soon :)


Happy day!

(Forgot again to update.. so here is what I should have written earlier today!)

Hello darlings!

Just got home from "Brunnsbadet" =) It has been really fun, as sson as we got there we jumped into the water! It was unbeliavably good to cool down a bit, the weather today has been insanly hot! We got there wround 2, and then dad picked us up again at 4.30!

Me and my brother played on an oversize check!

Then we bought some icecream!

And now I have to get ready for work, I begin at 6!


Hello everybody!

Yes, I was very surprised today! I woke up early, at 10am already (efter only 4 hours of sleep) so I could have enough time to get ready for work. Then, when I came to work at 12, they looked very suprised and aid "you're not suposed to work today?". And I was like "Yeah i am, my name is on the schedule". but, turns out they were right, I wasn't supposed to work today, hahah! Although I did manage to flirt me some hours tonight and on sunday to make up for the hours I thought i was going to work today!

Now I suddenly have the whole afternoon off, so I've decided to be social with my littlebrother and I'm taking him out to a big swimming pool! It will be nice, its SO HOT today!

This is how I look today :)
Big dress - Ellos
Bikini - Gina Tricot

Holy crap!

Holy crap!

I've forgotten to update this blog :O I've only updated my Swedish one.. I'm sorry about that :( Please press on the Swedish flag to see new pictures of me, and even a video of me!!

Ah well, I'm lying here in my bed, newly showered! It was really necessary after tonight, it was so warm out that i got really really swetty! :S Today I'll work at 12pm, until sometime in the middle of the night, so I wont be updating much, hope you can understand :)


Sunshine today

Hey again huns!

I've actually stayed awake since 2am this morning! I can feel that my body wants to sleep, but I have decided that I'm gonna lay in the sun the whole day today! It's going tp be +25 and a shining sun, and I don't want to miss that by sleeping the whole day away! I can sleep outside or something ;)

Looks like we're gonna be a few people who will go to the beach later =) And then I just have to make my first dip in the ocean! You will get filmproof, unless i forget my camera .. (a) Neways, i have to go upstairs now and make myself some breakfeast and wait for the weather to be warm enough to sunbath! xoxo

A living hell

Yes, this night has been a hell!

I went to sleep around 1am, and woke up again one hour later when the alarm started ringing. I got up, tired as hell, and changed to my job clothes and went upstairs to watch some tv. Then I got a sms from my job, saying that the newspapers will be half an hour late. I got quite grumpy, I could have slept 30 more minutes!

I waited 30 minutes, and then went to fetch my papers, but they were thicker today so i couldnt fint hem all in my bags, så I had to try and put some on top of my bags and strap them on with an elastic band. But that didn't go so well, i dropped most of the newspapers on the way så i had to go back all the time to pick them up. That really made me mad, plus i was grumpy abut the delay, plus I was worried about how I'm gonna survive financially the upcoming months, PLUS I hadn't slept much so I was really tired and sensitive. This led to that I almost started to cry at one point, and just wanted to throw my freaking bike with all the newpapers on the ground and just run!

but it got better after a while and I feel much better! For now atleast, that depends on what will be said later on today.. you have no ieda how glad I am to be home. I hope tomorrow will be a little better :)

This is how my bike looks when I'm transporting all the newspapers! :)

My feet are killing me

Hello everybody!

Damn, my feet are killing me! came home from work not long ago, had to work overtime.. It was tough today, worked for 6 hours with ONE break which lasted approximately 20 seconds. I'm so tired in my legs, It's insane! Near the end, when we had to prepare for the breakfeastbuffe tomorrow, i just wanted to go home for each step i took!

When i came home I called my other work, where i give out newspapers, to hear how i could reack those in charge of my pay. Asked him some other stuff to which gave me, well almost an enxiety attack. I hate money, I hate that everything you want to do costs money, I hate that i don't earn as much as I would have liked to this summer. I hate that i didn't get a summerjob att the industry Tarkett, I REALLY need that money! I mean, I'm going abroad for almost 8 months, I need some cash so I can live..

Ah well, dont want to rub of my bad mood on you guys! I did get a neet surprise today acually :) Today you are 300 MORE readers than I had just two days ago. I guess a new desgin really pays off? :)


Off to work

Hey everybody!

I'm just gonna write a short post now! Malin just went home, it was nice finally meeting you! Donät know what happened with us this summer, strange.. Anyways, we watched a movie, gossiped and so on :)

Now I'm off to work! I'm gonna work at a restaurant between 5-10, then hurry home to get some sleep and then work again at 3am! But I'll probably manage to fit a post inbetween ;)



Hello gorgeous!

Haha, i just ordered home a funny thing! At my prom, vi took som pro-photos that came home a few weeks ago. And with the photos came a paper which said that you could order extra stuff on the net, so today  checked out the page. I was tempted to buy most things, but then I felt it would be a bit too narcissistic, could see how i invited people home who then fled afterseeing pictures of me on towels, t-shirts, cups etc, haha ;) Så, i ended up buying, the-drinker as I am, a thecup with a prompicture on it! It wasnät epensive at all, so why not? ;D

Im soon gonna go and practicedrive, but first i HAVE to clean my room.. I've even asked mum to help me, it looks like world war 2 in here! xoxo

Bad luck?

Hey all!

Sigh, turning the days around is't fun, I've barely managed to sleep since I got home earlier today! I had to stay up until 7 because I had to call their office and talk about som payment stuff, but when I called they'd put on an answering machine that said "The number you are trying to reach will be back at 1pm". MAN, I got grumpy then, I had stayed awake for nothing! So I tried to get som sleep, but couldn't until after 9 or something :(

Then my dad wakes me att 10.30 to say that I have a call! Turnes out it's from my other job where I work as a waitress, and they wondered if I could work today! So I begin att 5pm! But, until then i have to practicedrive and meet Malin! She's coming over and then we're gonna sunbath while eatching a movie on my laptop ;)

Don't know really what to do now! I think I'll sing or something! xoxo

Good morning

Good morning everybody!

Though, i hope most of you are asleep, its almost 6 am! You might wonder why im up so early, and that's beacuse one of my summerjobs is to deliver newspapers! So I do it between 3-6am, 6 days a week... Though, today I finished earlier than ever, at 5 already! I hurried home and took a nice, looong shower and tried to get warm again. Tonight was freezing outside, my poor fingers turned to ice :S

Todays plans are to drive with mom, you now practicedrive, I'm soon going to try and take my drivers licence :) Then I'm gonna meet Malin! Hopefully the weather will be good so that we can go to the beach! haven't been there in a while now..

haha, I'm sitting here admiring my new blog (a) I have looked at it like a hundred times, I think it's so cool :) Now it has really got a push forward, and all I can hope for is that you readers will be many more :)

xoxo, hope you sleep well!



I was one of the lucky winners in Swedens largest blogcompetition. The prize included my very own homepage and a complete new blogdesign with loads of new features! Today it was finally ready, and I just LOVE MY NEW BLOG!

Compare it to the one I had before, Quite a change, huh?:
Click in the pic to enlarge it!

This is my first post in this English blog! I started my Swedish blog in december, 2007, but have always thought of having an English blog aswell! This way, alot more can read everything i write! :) If you'd like to see what i've been up to until now with pics and videos, just click on the swedish flag and you will come to my Swedish blog!

We are having som technical problems with this new page, you can for instance not comment yet! So, i will wait with updating again until this is fixed, should be later tongiht or tomorrow!


Coming soon

Hey you! :)

My name is Hannah Gullander and I’m 18 years old! My biggest dream here in life is to become a professional singer, and in my blog you will be able to listen to me singing and be a part of my struggle to make my dream come true!

I graduated from high school this year on the 5th of June, and I have lots of exciting plans for the coming year! Come with me on a breathtaking 3 month long trip to Indonesia with white beaches, crystalclear oceans, scuba diving, luxurious shopping and small trips to Thailand, Bali, Singapore and Hong Kong! You will also come with me on a 5 month journey to Portugal where I will show you where I grew up (I lived there my first 6 years on earth), all my favorite places and of course a lot of shopping and partying!

You will also, certainly, be able to read about everything that’s going on inside of my little head, everything from dreams and wishes to love problems and other concerns. And make sure that you don’t miss all of the contests, chats and votings that will be held! I hope that you’ll like it here! :)

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