Long time no see...


Okey, i know that my updates during my time in Indonesia has sucked. Dont know it got so bad.. And considering that I'm almost 3 months behind in my updates, it would take too long to update everything. I guess my trip in Indonesia will be exclusive to all of you who know Swedish?

Anyway! Christmas is now over, and it has been great. Nice to spend time with the relatives and just... feel at home again! Don't get me wrong though, Indonesia was GREAT. But home is always better ;)

Im really gonna try to update this blog as frequentally as my Swedish one, as im hoping some of you folks from Indonesia might be reading?

OH! before I forget, im gonna start using my facebook again. Just search for hannah gullander and add me if you want!

Todays Outfit

11 sep,2008 @ 20:59

Okey, baad quality, took it inside the karaoke-room

Dress - Gina Tricot
Bbelt - Gina Tricot
Scarf - H&M

Karaokeclub, finally!

11 sep,2008 @ 20:38

Hey everybody!

Been a while since my last post, but ive been doing a lot theese past few hours!

Me and Bjorn went to the mall Senayan City and went downstairs to a karaoke-club. So you rent a room (there are different sizes) and then you sing! I guess you are supposed to be a big gang and rent a big room and sing, but I took the smallest room and sang for 2 hours.J

It went great. At first my voicewas weak and my throat was filled with phlem, but after an hour my voice was normal! Plus the microphones has a reverb effect so you sound awesome!

The room was nicely decorated with mirrors on all the walls and in the ceiling. In the sofa is my nice, big, MiuMiu-bag!



11 sep,2008 @ 10:07

Hey cuties! =)  

me and Bjorn just got home from a Thai-restaurant. It was really good! First we ordered in a simple mangosalad. And I began stuffing it in my mouth, and after a couple of seconds I felt it... HOOOOOT! I threw myself on the waterbottle!

After that cme on a lot of delocious dishes. Seafood, pineapple etc. And for dessert, sticky rice with mango. At first I was skeptical, rice and mango? Bu it was very good :)

Unfortionatly I don't have the usb-cord with me so I cant post any pics, but ill do it later when we get home. Soon we're gonna book me a karokeroom!


Good morning

11 sep,2008 @ 07:46

Hello everybody! :)

Are you awake yet? Sighs, I can baely keep my eyes open! I fell asleep 4am yesterday, and had to go up att 8.30 so I had time to shower before heading in to town...

Anyway, I saw a really good movie yesterday, Ironman! I thought it would be only okay, but I actually liked it a lot!  Today it wont happen much, we'll go to Bjons gym to sign me up for 3 months! It's a really beautiful gym with a pool, so im gonna go there early in the mornings to sunbath! Otherwise ill never get tanned ;) And offcourse work out a litte!

Later tonight I might go to a karokeclub and rent a room for myself for 1-2 hours! I want to do this a couple of times each week to train my voice. Well see what happens =)

Are you doing okay back home in Sweden?

This is how tired I am today..


10 sep,2008 @ 20:15

Today I died and came to cinema-heaven :O But more about that later...

I have actually been really good today! I managed on my own to call my driver (who hardly speaks English) and make him drive me to Plaza Sebayab. As soon as you walk in you see all the famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Versace, Prada, Jimmy Choo etc. And its really tempting to go inside and just have fun trying some stuff on, but Im afraid ill get judgemental looks saying "Eeeh, why are you even in here?"

Anyway, after walking around for a while i realize that Im in the wrong mall, so I cross the street and enter the huge mall called Senayan City. There I go 5 stories up to book a ticket on a newly opened cinema. Everything was very exclusive, and the ticket was printed on silverpaper. It was about 5.30 pm and they only showed the movie Hellboy, which didn't start until 7.15pm. I wasnt sp interested in seeing helloy, but i really wanted to try this cinema so i bought a ticket.

After that i tried to finns somewhere to eat. All the restaurants looked very mysterious with their asian foods, and I wanted to sit in a nice restaurant so im ashamed to say that I took a safe bet and went to PizzaHut! Ordered a small pepperonipizza which was awesome! Did a good deed to, i donated 7000 rupiah to a starvingchildrens-fund.

Ten I had a long time until the movie would begin so I tried on some shoes and clothes, but i decided to wait until I go to another city that is packed with factory outlets!

Then finally, it was time for the movie, Before I walked in they anded me a menu and I ordered popcorn and a chocolate drink. When I walked into the saloon I literally said "wow". Huge leatherchairs with a big space between each, On one side you hade a place to put your drink and on your other side was a table. When I sat down in the chair I sank a bit, it was so soft! And here comes the best of all: YOU COULD ADJUST THE CHAIR, SO YOU COULD PRACTICALLY LAY FLAT, AND YOU GOT A SUPPORT FOR YOUR FEET! Almost like lying in a bed. Really worth the money =)

A nice silverticket, biiig comfy chairs and a pic to show the space you have to your neghbour. Plus you could always ask a waitor for more beverages or food.

The movie was totally okay! Though the Indonesian subtitles I managed to not look at them and just concentrate on the spoken languae. The movie had its fun parts, but it was very supernatural, so nothing for you who don't like fantasy! When the movie was over I called the driver who took me home. Now im just waiting for Chritsine to come home so I can plug in the portable internet!

Until then Im gonna study with some chocolate, tea and fresh pineapple and papaya. Xoxo!


10 sep,2008 @ 11:17

Hey again!

Okey, the singinglesson was... okay. But I don't think ill come back though, he didn't know how to tach. And what he tried to teach me I already knew and he didn't consider what was suitable for my voice etc. I got SO FRUSTRATED with him sometimes, he asked me to like give full power from the beginning, and I was like  "Eeh, dont i have to warm up my voice first?". Sighs! Now Im probably gonna begin in October at a more serious musicschool!

Soon Im off to a mall to do some shopping, eat and try and see a movie! xoxo

Todays Outfit

Todays outfit!

Pants - H&M
Top- H&M
Vest - Sisters Point
Belt - Ellos

Bamboo-earrings - Cocoo.se
Necklace - cant remember
Braclets - H&M

Singing next!!

Goodmorning you guys!

You are all probably asleep, but here it's 9am and Ive been up for about half an hour. Gonna have some breakfeast and then Im off to my frst singinglesson here! Shall be interesting to see if he actually an help bring me to the next level! :)

Then I don't know what will happen, gonna ask Bjorn if we can go some arrends. Like check out a new camera! We'll see what happens =) Would like to buy a pair of highheels to, så you can walk around and feel pretty :)

Oh, I've taken a "todays outfit" aswell, but ill post that later! xoxo


09 sep,2008 @ 21:38

Siiiiiigh, I hate that Im not tired in the evenings!

Its now 2.40 am, and Im still not tired enough to sleep. SIGH, and I have to go up extra early tomorrow. Anyway, Im gonna start a movie and see if I can fall asleep. Don't know if its still Jetlag, but whatever it is, I hate it!

Im gonna try to g up at 8.30 am to warm up my voice a bit before msinginglesson. But if I know myself right, Ill probably turn off the alarm and wake up half an hour before it begins >_<

I hope you are all good! And please comment more, I want to see what you think!


Hello everybody!

Hasnt happened much today, been trying to get over my Jetlag, so Bjorn let me sleep until 3pm! When I went downstairs, only the maid was home, so I tried to make her cook me some dinner.

My god it's frustrating when you don't speak the same language! She doesn't speak English, but we managen to make a noodlesoup and toast two breads. After that I sat down at the computer and updated on everything that has happened! Took a pretty long tinme, a lot of pictures to upload..

Around 7.30 pm Christine came home and had a friend with her. We went to Jakartas largest bookstore because she had to buy som book for school. When it was around 9.30pm we went to McDonalds to eat. Haha, so insane, never been to  a McDonalds where you can order rice or noodles with your order ;)

After that we went home to Yanto and Nita to chill. Its now 1.30 am, and Im startin to get tired, but I need to reply some e-mails first before I go to bed!

Tomorrow Im gonna go to my first singinglesson at 10pm. Interesting tp see how good he is! xoxo


09 sep,2008 @ 13:55

Hello again! :)

After the gym, me Bjron and Sunny went to a Taiwanese restaurant to eat! Really good food, but I had to give up eating with chopsticks. Had to ask for a fork (a) After that I ordered in an awesome fruitsmoothie, I think it was apple and mint, but im not sure =)

Then we went up to the second floor and sat down inside a jazzclub. I ordered in a Piña-colada, and we sat there talking about finance in thw world. Hahaha, felt so typical overcalss. Sitting in a jazz club, drinking and talking about finance. The only thing missing was a cigar in my mouth, hahah! But it was nice :)

Then we went home to a couple that is Bjorns friends. They had a really nice house, and a vary cute dog. We sat there watching the VMA's (perfect, I thought I would miss it but I began looking right before TH got their price!) and we talked about going a big gang to a karaokeclub! I hope we'll do that soon, im in the mood for singing :)

Now im sitting at home, and its around 00.30. Had to write this post in word, internet doesn't seem to work :S Ah well, im gonna try and catch some sleep! xoxo

No electricity again..

09 sep,2008 @ 13:43

Today Bjorn woke me up around 11am, and i wassoooo tired, i didnt go to sleep until 4am :S PLUS the electricity went off again so my room was extremey hot when i woke up. The lectricy still hadnät come back on, so I hd to try and put on makeup in the dark. 

Then we took a cab to a musicplace nearby and booked me for some singinglessons! After that we went to a place clled IndoSat to get some help with fixing up internet on my laptop. It worked perfectly, so hopefully I'll be able to blog more often!

Then we went to a place called Pacific Place to eat lunch with Sunny, one of Bjorns friends (the guy who ownes citibank). I just ate a spaghetti Bolognaise beacuase I had an extremely soar throat. You know, when it feels like its burning inside you throat? After lunch we went to antoher musicplace to see how their singing lessons were, ut they only had for beginners so we skipped that..

Now we're off to the gym! Bjorn is gonna play tennis and i'm just gonna relax. Xoxo!


09 sep,2008 @ 13:39

After we picked up Bjorn, we went to another shoppingmall and went to the restaurant called minus2. We picked a table outdoors, and it was really nice weater! You could sit outside without swetting like a pig ;D I ordered in fried rice with seafood which was good =) Christine knows the owner who sat down with us and talked, and then some more of their friends came over and we became a large group just hanging out.

View: (bad quality, unfortionately)


Their friends are insane A-lists :O We had for example the vice presidents right hand, a girl who is ver active in politics and knows very designer in Jakarta, one who owns a chemicalcompany, one who owns Citibank in Jakarta etc. I want to live a life like that to when I grow up! :O

We went home aorund 1am, and the rain just PORED down like crazy, until it suddenly stopped. Weird weather here.. Im responding some emails and chatting a bit on msn. Think ill go and try to sleep soon. Xoxo

Fucking Jetlag

Good morning everybody!

Im totally exhausted, I didnt go to sleep until 6 in the morning :( I really couldnt fall asleep even though ive been tired all day.. Anyways, i took a shower and got ready, and then we went to a local restaurant to have a chicken-beef-noodelsoup. It was okey, but the chili was really strong! Now we're off for a full bodymassage. For the first time in my life! xoxo

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