Hello everybody!

Hasnt happened much today, been trying to get over my Jetlag, so Bjorn let me sleep until 3pm! When I went downstairs, only the maid was home, so I tried to make her cook me some dinner.

My god it's frustrating when you don't speak the same language! She doesn't speak English, but we managen to make a noodlesoup and toast two breads. After that I sat down at the computer and updated on everything that has happened! Took a pretty long tinme, a lot of pictures to upload..

Around 7.30 pm Christine came home and had a friend with her. We went to Jakartas largest bookstore because she had to buy som book for school. When it was around 9.30pm we went to McDonalds to eat. Haha, so insane, never been to  a McDonalds where you can order rice or noodles with your order ;)

After that we went home to Yanto and Nita to chill. Its now 1.30 am, and Im startin to get tired, but I need to reply some e-mails first before I go to bed!

Tomorrow Im gonna go to my first singinglesson at 10pm. Interesting tp see how good he is! xoxo


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