One more favourite pic

Okey, the expression in my face might be a little funny, but I just love the pose!

Favorite pics from the runway

I've tried to select a few favourite pics, and here they come in a bigger size :)

Video from the runway

The runway!

A while ago i participated as a model in a runwayshow for colthes from Breeze! But I havn't been able to post until now since I havn't had my english blog for so long.. Anyways, this will be devided into several posts since there are som many pictures, videos etc!

Here is a translation from my Swedish blog:

The days started out with us gathering at 12 o'clock insie of Breeze. Then we went down to the basement where alot of make-up was prepared for us, and it was time to begin! Everybody ran around fixing hair and make-up for about 1 hour. The other girls were really nice, it was fun to meet some new people! Emelie did an awesome hairstyle on me, so it felt really good! At first I was quite qorried about how i would fix my hair!

The there was an axiouuuuus waiting until we we're gonna go to the Square, and I could feel the butterflies in my stumach duplicate for every second! Then it was time and we went to the Square and started changing into our first outfits. The group I was in were gonna start with showin bathing suits. That made me even more nervous, I mean, showing off in a bikini fir the whole town! But it went really well, and it was SO FUN!

I'm in love with practially every clothes i wore that day! If you want to buy, they have a webshop:
Okej, here comes all the pics!

Waiting to get changed:

First outfit: Bathing suits!
Really love this combination we're wearing, I think they look soo good!

Outfit number 2: Dress

Outfit number 3: Jeans
I love this pics! Donät know why really, but i must be because the jeans had such a perfect fit! I'm thinking of buying them :)

Outfit number 4: Dress

Last moment: All models enter then stage

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