Don't miss!!

Good morning!!

Even though i went to bed so late yesterday i actuallt managed to get up"early" (read: 13.00) today. I was pretty tired, so i just lay in my bed and watched "Days of our lives". When that was over, I made som reakfeast and got stuck infornt of the tv again...

But, I much energy would you hav had if the weather was shitty and you had gone to sleep at 5 in the morning? :)

Im just gona chill today, and then tonight Iäm gonna work for the LAST TIME! Im just hopg it will be a calm night, I dont have the energy to cope with a mega-stressful-evenging like the one last week, i thought I'd never make it home!

HAHA, im lying here thinking about my bad humour I had yesterday when we were watching a movie. It was in the beginning at a war, and one of the captains said "Unleash hell" and at the same time you see someone release a dog. Hahahaha, I laughed so hard, it was just as if the dog was "hell". Then the other 2 laughed as hell because my humour is so bad...

Don's miss to ceck out my blog in a while. A very funny post will come up then!



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