It's time...

... to get more serious!

Have postponed this for several days now and been with my friends instead. On one hadn I want to begin packing, but on hte other I really don't..  My unvle called yesterday to check that everything was ready for the trip, and he explained how to walk when I arrive in Jakartas airport. I got butterflies in my stumach when he explained, i mean, this is really oing tp happen! In just 5 days!

And this morninr when I was halfawake, half sleeping, my mother turned on the drycleaner, and it sounded just like an airplaneengine! That made me really nervous, and I lay there thinking about how Im gonna do this all on my own! First a change of planes at the nightmare-airport if Frankfurt (What if i cant find my gate!?) and then a 14,5 hour long journey to Jakarta. ON MY OWN!

On thursday my train leaves at 1, so my family and Matilda will come and say goodbye. If you have time over, feel free to come aswell! Gosh, im soooo gonna cry :(

Ah well, now i have to deal with my 5 page long packing-list! Wish me luck :)


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