Hello everybody!

Yes, I was very surprised today! I woke up early, at 10am already (efter only 4 hours of sleep) so I could have enough time to get ready for work. Then, when I came to work at 12, they looked very suprised and aid "you're not suposed to work today?". And I was like "Yeah i am, my name is on the schedule". but, turns out they were right, I wasn't supposed to work today, hahah! Although I did manage to flirt me some hours tonight and on sunday to make up for the hours I thought i was going to work today!

Now I suddenly have the whole afternoon off, so I've decided to be social with my littlebrother and I'm taking him out to a big swimming pool! It will be nice, its SO HOT today!

This is how I look today :)
Big dress - Ellos
Bikini - Gina Tricot


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