Bad luck?

Hey all!

Sigh, turning the days around is't fun, I've barely managed to sleep since I got home earlier today! I had to stay up until 7 because I had to call their office and talk about som payment stuff, but when I called they'd put on an answering machine that said "The number you are trying to reach will be back at 1pm". MAN, I got grumpy then, I had stayed awake for nothing! So I tried to get som sleep, but couldn't until after 9 or something :(

Then my dad wakes me att 10.30 to say that I have a call! Turnes out it's from my other job where I work as a waitress, and they wondered if I could work today! So I begin att 5pm! But, until then i have to practicedrive and meet Malin! She's coming over and then we're gonna sunbath while eatching a movie on my laptop ;)

Don't know really what to do now! I think I'll sing or something! xoxo


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