Im moving tomorrow

Good morning all of my readers! God morgon alla mina läsare!

Im up early today.. my mom woke me up at 7.30 and asked if i could give her and my brother a ride since my dad has been ill all night. And as the good daughter i am, i said i could ;D Its better anyways, noe i have the car at home so i can do some arrends later!

Right now im eating on a yummy breakfeast and im gonna watch one of my favourite tvshows. I forgot to mention last night that spetember is HEAVEN for me, ALL of my series i follow are premiering this month! Yesterday i watched One Tree Hill, and it was absolutely wonderful, and Prison Break. OMG i was so happy when i watched PB, it worked out perfectly.

Im gonna see episode2 now before i begin with everything that has to be done. Cant postpone anything anymore, this is the last day before i move! its uuuunbelievable! Im really moving from ROnneby, to another part of the world!

Im beginning to get split feelings. One part of me is thinking "daaaamn this is going to be sooo fun!" whereas on part of me is thinking "noooooo, i dont want to do this alone, what have i gotten myself in to!?"

But itll probably work out, hope you all have a wonderful day! xoxo


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