2 days left


Im feeling top notch today ;D Or, really im deadtired, but im happy because im soon going top move!! :) Plus ive done a lot of arrends today, so i feel like a good girl ;D

- The day begun with me waking up at 7
- I drove my mother and father to work, and my brother to school
- Went to school to talk with a history- and swedishteacher. Im retaking those classes, I want an A instead of a B!
- Around 9.30 I drove to a mall and bought some bread and then drove home to Matilda and ate breakfeast with her! Then I drove her to school.
- Did some arrends in town at Breze and a souvenirshop where i bought a present to give to my uncle in Indonesia!
- Picked up my mum and dad, and then bought us some lunch :)

Looks yummie, right? :) Its a salad with shrimps, crabsticks and lobster-tails. And also, ofc, a Rhode Island sauce!

Todays plans are to fix the last things for my trip, and then clean my whole room and the room outside! We'll see how much blogging it will be, probably later tonight! xoxo


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