JetSet chic

09 sep,2008 @ 12:48

Wow, the mall is really realy bi! And very nicewith luxurious brands like Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, MiuMiu etc. We windowshopped a little and then we went to a store to get e an indonesian simcard! You know, for my cellphone :) After that we went up a couple of stories to eat at an Italian restaurant.

After lunch we went to Starbucks! You must have been to starbucks sometime in your life, even if I don't like coffee, haha! Status, you know ;) I chose a hazelnut-caramel chocolate drink, and then we sat outside and talked a little. After that we went across the street to an even bigger shoppingmall! We looked at a bunch of stores, and then met up with Bjorns girlfriend. No new're off to yet another mall! Talk to you later =) xoxo


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