Im a superstar!


First, around 8pm, we drove in to the city and came to a spanish restaurant around 9pm. There we celebrated a couple of Bjorns friends who had their birthday. Very good food with for example Paella, fried jalapeños and giant shrimps.

A cool partytrick! A waterfall of burning liqueur that you drink at the bottom!

Then around midnight we went to the luxurious Ritz Carlton Hotel to watch a band perform that Bjorn knows. AOC - Absence Of Colour, and they rocked! Then around 2 am, Bjorn went up to the stage and talked to one of the members, and suddenly Iäm dragged up on stage to sing! Infront of atleast 100 people! It was awesome to stand there with lights in my face, a fan and when the audience cheered I got a huge kick! I never wanted to get off the stage!

I perform! Unfortionatly they did something wierd when they recorded, so its like 6 movies ive had to paste together so it jumps quite alot in the song. Plus you hear others singing in the background, which makes it seem like im singing totally false and unsync xD

After my performance i felt so damn good, so i ordered a cosmopolitan and felt like a rockstar. We went home around 3am, i answered some e-mails and now im ready for bed! Its 4am but im not tired at all. Probably the jetlag :S



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