I was one of the lucky winners in Swedens largest blogcompetition. The prize included my very own homepage and a complete new blogdesign with loads of new features! Today it was finally ready, and I just LOVE MY NEW BLOG!

Compare it to the one I had before, Quite a change, huh?:
Click in the pic to enlarge it!

This is my first post in this English blog! I started my Swedish blog in december, 2007, but have always thought of having an English blog aswell! This way, alot more can read everything i write! :) If you'd like to see what i've been up to until now with pics and videos, just click on the swedish flag and you will come to my Swedish blog!

We are having som technical problems with this new page, you can for instance not comment yet! So, i will wait with updating again until this is fixed, should be later tongiht or tomorrow!



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