Tough love

Hello all of my readers!

Worked for 4 hours today, and it went suprisinigly quick actually! Wasn't even suposed to work today, but i managed to flirt me som hours ;) hahaha! Since they had forgotten to give me any worktimes this week (sigh) they said that i could work in the dishes! So next week , *im working 8 hours, two days in a row with all the dishes. I'll manage, I hope..

I'm feeling a bit tired now, So i'd better go to sleep before I have to deliver papers again! last day this week, and then i have ONE night off before everything starts again.. But I'm a though gal, I can handle it ;)

By the way, I really have to take care of all those other cathergoriessuch as modelling, me singing, graduation and so on. Since I have them filled in my Swedish blog, I assumed that they would be here in my english aswell. But now I realised that I have to remake every post! It should come up soon :)



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