Öland next!

Okey, I'm really sorry that I havn't updated this blog for 2 days now..

But the thing is that lately I've been in quite a hurry when I've written all of my  Swedish posts, so I haven't thought of updating this blog aswell since I haven't had much time, but I'll get better, promise! Although, today won't be much updating becuase I'm going away on a little trip with my family! We're gonna go to the Island "Öland" to visit some relatives, walk aroung i Borgholm and sunbath :) It will probably be a good day, and I'll show you all the pics later today when I've come home!

I thought I could dedicate this morning to sort of, finishing this blog. I mean, write everythnig that falls under the cetegories of "me singing", "modelling" and "graduation".



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