A living hell

Yes, this night has been a hell!

I went to sleep around 1am, and woke up again one hour later when the alarm started ringing. I got up, tired as hell, and changed to my job clothes and went upstairs to watch some tv. Then I got a sms from my job, saying that the newspapers will be half an hour late. I got quite grumpy, I could have slept 30 more minutes!

I waited 30 minutes, and then went to fetch my papers, but they were thicker today so i couldnt fint hem all in my bags, så I had to try and put some on top of my bags and strap them on with an elastic band. But that didn't go so well, i dropped most of the newspapers on the way så i had to go back all the time to pick them up. That really made me mad, plus i was grumpy abut the delay, plus I was worried about how I'm gonna survive financially the upcoming months, PLUS I hadn't slept much so I was really tired and sensitive. This led to that I almost started to cry at one point, and just wanted to throw my freaking bike with all the newpapers on the ground and just run!

but it got better after a while and I feel much better! For now atleast, that depends on what will be said later on today.. you have no ieda how glad I am to be home. I hope tomorrow will be a little better :)

This is how my bike looks when I'm transporting all the newspapers! :)


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