A day at Öland

Hello everybody!

Just got home from Öland, and I'm really really tired! Didn't sleep anything after my work earlier this morning so I've been awake for 19 hours already :/

But today has been really fun! Vi left at 8, and arrived in Borgholm (Ölands biggest city) at 10.30. We ate some breakfeast and talked for a couple of hours. then we went for a little sightseeing tour around Borgholm, and at the afternoon we went to the beach! Then we had some afternoon tea before we headed back hom at around 18.00, We made a quick stop at McDonalds on our way home since it was so late, and nobody had the energy to cook a meal :) 

Time to go!




A really cosy restaurant near the harbour called Pappa Blå. I recommend it if you're ever nearby!

Minigolf course outside of Pappa Blå

The harbour


We ate icecream, and i chose the flavours Lion and Raspberrysorbé

Time for the beach!

McDonalds-stop on the way home

And now i finish the night with a cup of my newlybought tea! Iäve never bought te like this, I've always bought it in bags, so this is exciting :) I bought two flavours: Rooibustea with strawberry/vanilla and a Green Tea with a flavour I can't remember..


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