At the airport

Hello blog!

17.14: Im sitting here at the airport and blogging, or, writing on word to be correct. Apparently it cots money to be on the internet.. :/

So far so good, nobody cried at the trainstation which was good, I had expected a crying-fest sort of! Then me and my dad took the train down to Copenhagen, and the ride there went good and surprisingly quick! When we arrived at the aiport we had to write out my boardingpass pourselves and choose seats at thre airport. Very smooth, everything was done in just a few minutes :)

It was the worlds longest que to the safety-control, but it went well! OI was nervous forst that I would beep and that while they searched me somevbosdy would take my laptop (apparwntly it has happened), but I never beeped so it went smoothly!

Now im just sitting and waiting for my gate-.number to show so I know where to go ;D My boardingpass is all the way to Jakrata so I don't have to go to a transfer-disk in Frankfurt. GOOD! At first it's a little plane to Frankfurt, but then im going on a jumbo-.jet with 12 seats in a row! Or, well ofc theres two hallways =)

Have to quit writing now and see if my gate has shown!  xoxo

At the trainstation:

At the airport:


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