My feet are killing me

Hello everybody!

Damn, my feet are killing me! came home from work not long ago, had to work overtime.. It was tough today, worked for 6 hours with ONE break which lasted approximately 20 seconds. I'm so tired in my legs, It's insane! Near the end, when we had to prepare for the breakfeastbuffe tomorrow, i just wanted to go home for each step i took!

When i came home I called my other work, where i give out newspapers, to hear how i could reack those in charge of my pay. Asked him some other stuff to which gave me, well almost an enxiety attack. I hate money, I hate that everything you want to do costs money, I hate that i don't earn as much as I would have liked to this summer. I hate that i didn't get a summerjob att the industry Tarkett, I REALLY need that money! I mean, I'm going abroad for almost 8 months, I need some cash so I can live..

Ah well, dont want to rub of my bad mood on you guys! I did get a neet surprise today acually :) Today you are 300 MORE readers than I had just two days ago. I guess a new desgin really pays off? :)



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