Yes, today is the LAST DAY that you can vote for me in the modellingcompetition I'm in! The winners will be announced this week, and I really hope I'm one of them! But I can't do it without your help, so please vote for me!

Neways, I've just taken a shower after delivering papers. It went really well today, and I finished quite early :) Hopefully there's only 2 days left on that job, it depends on wether they can find a replacement or not. But i REALLY hope they can, bevacuse I have alot of drivinglessons schudeled at 8am in the mornings next week, and I'd prefer it if I wasn't deadtired when i drove ;)

I'm gonna go to sleep soon, and later today I have to take pictures for my visa, go to the bank and try and fix a little problem on my computer. If I have time I will be with Matilda aswell! But I don't know, since I'm gonna work later... we'll see!



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