Good morning

Good morning everybody!

Though, i hope most of you are asleep, its almost 6 am! You might wonder why im up so early, and that's beacuse one of my summerjobs is to deliver newspapers! So I do it between 3-6am, 6 days a week... Though, today I finished earlier than ever, at 5 already! I hurried home and took a nice, looong shower and tried to get warm again. Tonight was freezing outside, my poor fingers turned to ice :S

Todays plans are to drive with mom, you now practicedrive, I'm soon going to try and take my drivers licence :) Then I'm gonna meet Malin! Hopefully the weather will be good so that we can go to the beach! haven't been there in a while now..

haha, I'm sitting here admiring my new blog (a) I have looked at it like a hundred times, I think it's so cool :) Now it has really got a push forward, and all I can hope for is that you readers will be many more :)

xoxo, hope you sleep well!


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