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Hey you! :)

My name is Hannah Gullander and I’m 18 years old! My biggest dream here in life is to become a professional singer, and in my blog you will be able to listen to me singing and be a part of my struggle to make my dream come true!

I graduated from high school this year on the 5th of June, and I have lots of exciting plans for the coming year! Come with me on a breathtaking 3 month long trip to Indonesia with white beaches, crystalclear oceans, scuba diving, luxurious shopping and small trips to Thailand, Bali, Singapore and Hong Kong! You will also come with me on a 5 month journey to Portugal where I will show you where I grew up (I lived there my first 6 years on earth), all my favorite places and of course a lot of shopping and partying!

You will also, certainly, be able to read about everything that’s going on inside of my little head, everything from dreams and wishes to love problems and other concerns. And make sure that you don’t miss all of the contests, chats and votings that will be held! I hope that you’ll like it here! :)


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